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We would highly recommend Heather. Heather recently took in Ollie, a very fearful dog, to board and train for 2 weeks. Heather is a very knowledgeable, patient, and experienced trainer. When Heather first took Ollie in, he did not trust anyone. With time and patience, Ollie became a new dog. He started to become a trusting dog and really blossomed. Thank you, Heather, for your hard work and passion for animals.

Bridget Larvenz
Customer Service Supervisor
The Humane Society of Broward County

When I brought home my three-pound Yorkie, Rudy, I was a nervous wreck. He was biting and completely out of control at 16 weeks. Within one session Rudy was already learning to sit, drop it, down, and turning into a completely different and fabulous dog. I went from wondering, “Why did I ruin my life?” to being totally in love with my awesome, now five-month old Yorkie. Heather showed us all our inadvertent mistakes. Rudy loved her and so do we. We now have a sweet puppy that we adore. Heather was so patient with both me and Rudy, and within a short time transformed him into a great pal. I would highly recommend Heather to anyone!

Charlotte & Robert Crandall, Delray Beach


When we got our Rottweiller Maggie, we thought, “We’ll never get a puppy again!” It was too much work. She had so much energy, she pulled on the leash, she chewed on the furniture, chased the cat, she was playbiting and the potty training was difficult. But Heather’s guidance made it so much easier and we saw so much progress with her. So we changed our minds and we got another puppy, Bandit, a year later. Heather helped us with her, too. I can’t imagine not calling Heather in the future if we get another dog because all dogs are different and need help in different ways. I am so happy with Heather as a trainer that I want to give my phone number (561-445-6050) so I can recommend her personally. I can't emphasize enough how happy we are!

Luigi Gandolfo, Boca Raton

I adopted my dog Barley from a local shelter in April 2015, when he was about 16 months old. He is a small beagle and adorable but came with some serious anger management baggage.  He was very aggressive, particularly when challenged or when he perceived his personal space was being invaded.  I hired a trainer from a local pet store and his advise was awful. It was all about showing dominance and he even had me buy a pronged collar (for what was a scared 15 pound dog at the time).  


After that trainer I was sadly questioning if I could keep Barley and I came across Heather through an online search of insured dog walkers and trainers.   Heather was a lifesaver (literally) and taught me how to work with Barley properly (not that machismo "I am alpha" BS the previous trainer did).  Barley still has his quirks, but don't we all. He (and his sister, Karma) are happy furry members of the family thanks to Heather and the patient and caring guidance she continues to provide today.  Would highly recommend Heather for all things furbabies. 

IMG_0929 2.jpg

Kellie Kilgore, Pompano Beach 


Heather was the trainer for my dog Polly. She was a starving street dog when my daughter and I found her. We took her home and, after a trip to the vet and after gaining weight, it was time to find a trainer. Polly had no basic training skills, she jumped on people and pulled on the leash. She was also fearful of other dogs. Polly did not respond to the first trainer we tried. I was then recommended to Heather and it was a perfect fit. Heather clearly goes over which behaviors the client wants to work on.  


Polly learned the basic commands taught only with positive reinforcement. Polly had an attachment to Heather and was happy during training. Heather used treats, funny voices (when approaching other dogs for distraction), petting and praise. 

Due to city regulations, Polly is required to wear a muzzle on walks. Again, Heather used positive reinforcement by putting cream cheese on the muzzle. This was done about four times and the muzzle is no problem for Polly.

Heather is a dedicated, concerned trainer who truly cares about each pet and truly loves all animals. I sincerely recommend Heather and have done so in the past. We got the outcome we were looking for and now Polly is an absolute joy, thanks to the excellent training by Heather.

Mindy Weinstein, Sunrise

Heather was recommended to me by our renowned rabbit vet about ten years ago. Heather has also earned a reputation as a dedicated educator and trainer with our local animal rescues. Even after many years of adopting house rabbits myself, I still learn from Heather. She provides excellent consultation and assistance with our rabbit pairs and our animals respond very well to her. Thank you, Heather! 

Kristin Pernicano, Fort Lauderdale


I highly recommend Heather. She is very skilled and helpful. We had just about given up walking Prince because he dragged us down the street. After two sessions with Heather, we were already seeing improvement. Now we take long walks and enjoy showing off our beautiful dog.

Paul Kelly, Fort Lauderdale

Heather Deeley is a talented and compassionate dog trainer and behavior expert.  I have known her for over 10 years. Heather has amazing problem solving skills that cater to her clients’ needs. She has an unwavering commitment to force free, fear free, pain free training methods. She takes her profession seriously and seeks continuing education often so her clients can benefit from the most up-to-date force free methods.

Heather has tremendous empathy for animals.  Her ability to understand canine body language is outstanding.  She can successfully work with the most fragile of animals and obtain excellent results.

Heather also has experience with bunnies and she is considered THE go-to bunny expert in Broward County.

Dawn Hanna, CPDT-KA, Oh Behave® Dog Training


Heather is experienced, warm, friendly, trustworthy, and a great communicator. We were going out of the country for 2 weeks and were in need of a dog sitter to board and train our puppy, Macy, while we were gone. We had been working very hard to train Macy and we didn’t want to let a 2 week vacation ruin our hard work. We were specifically looking for an experienced trainer who could also board our puppy while continuing our training. Heather came highly recommended by our current trainer. We were able to speak with Heather several times and visit her home before we left on our trip. While we were away, Heather texted us often. She updated us on how things were going (training included) and she sent photos and videos. Heather planned outings and training opportunities for our girl. She treated Macy like she was her own. When we returned home Heather dropped Macy off to us because she knew we had had a long flight. This was greatly appreciated and speaks to the type of person Heather is. We were given a full write up of all training that was done each day. Heather also set up a follow up meeting to discuss the training and we had a training session with her. Macy was so excited to see Heather again! Her tail was wagging non stop. Our puppy showed gains in her training which have lasted. We appreciate all the time that Heather took with Macy, especially treating her like she was her own. We would highly recommend her to others and definitely hope to use her in the future.

Terence & Jessica Thomas, Plantation

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